Advice - Nurseries, how much space do babies need?

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Mumoflil1 Fri 28-Feb-20 10:02:14

Hi all, just after some advice.

I am going back to work soon and have looked at nurseries for my bubs who will start at 10 months. I narrowed it down to two that both gave me a really positive gut feel and they are both priced the same.
One is a bit further out - nearer to home but adds another 10 - 15mins on the overall commute each way but it's so spacious, babies have 2 rooms and a lovely garden space. They have about 45 kids in all. The other Nursery is small and cosy, also about 45 kids and babies have one room plus a sleep room. They have outdoor space but it's not as lovely (though not horrible). The smaller Nursery would be en route to my eldest's school and work but still close enough to home. In both settings, staff are lovely, feedback and Ofsted are both good. I would have probably opted for the smaller Nursery for convenience but this baby is very, very active. At 7 months he crawls everywhere, cruises around, loves being around other babies and baby group and gets annoyed if we don't go out! So I wonder whether he 'needs' the extra space. So folks - what are your thoughts? Do babies need all the space? Or, would the lovely activities keep him occupied enough? How would you choose?

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insancerre Fri 28-Feb-20 21:02:23

The law says babies need 3.5m2 each

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