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3 yo move to preschool not going well

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Minnie888 Wed 26-Feb-20 17:09:35

Hi all, any advice appreciated. My 3YO has moved to the preschool room recently. I don't think my nursery handled the transition well in that they did very limited settling in visits. LO seemed to really enjoy the visits and so they didn't feel the need to do more than an hour or two here and there. Fast forward a few weeks of having moved in and there are definitely a few issues that have occurred. LO went through a period of hitting in the room they were in previously but I think largely this was related to communication and not being able to speak as well, a bit of frustration and normal toddler behaviour. We dealt with it at home and they dealt with it at nursery and it stopped. However since LO started in the new room they have started hitting again, and in the words of the nursery manager they are finding it challenging. We are finding that when they come home and we ask them about their day everything is very negative because they are recalling been told off pretty much the whole time. LO even says they don't want to go and want to go back to the other room. I'm just worried now that it's becoming a bit of a vicious circle where LO is not enjoying the new room because it's not a fun positive experience, but LO is also struggling with being the youngest again and not having properly had time to settle. It doesn't help that they have not had a full week there yet because of being ill for the last couple of months with various different things. I think in reality they just need a bit more time to settle into the room but I'm wondering if it's too much to ask for nursery make the experience more positive where they can or find there is something else they can do. I get that they need to deal with the behaviour at nursery and we will definitely be dealing with it when we are at home. I think the other thing that is also possibly causing issues his naps, our LO still very much need their nap. For whatever reason most of the kids in the room don't appear to need to nap so I've noticed that LO has been put on some cushions on the floor in the corner with a blanket over. It was on a phone call with me discussing the fact that I don't feel like this is quite right, and that LO is typically not getting as much sleep as they used to in the other room that they raised the issue of the hitting.

Has anyone got any experience of a three-year-old hitting, anything we can do to try and support what is happening at nursery other than talking to LO about it which we do on a regular basis with the use of stories? We are really hoping it will pass like it did in the other room, we just wish we put our foot down a bit around making the transition properly.

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fedupandlookingforchange Wed 26-Feb-20 17:12:55

Can your 3 yo talk now? If they can't that is probably the root cause and you need to get a SALT referral asap.

Minnie888 Wed 26-Feb-20 19:00:07

Absolutely can talk and about where they should be for their age. Obviously they are the least talking in the room iyswim as the other children are all older some nearly 5 and I think that's probably part of the frustration.

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