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Choosing a nursery for DS

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pbjsandwich Thu 06-Feb-20 16:57:46


I will be looking to put my DS into nursery, he will be 25 months by this point as I am starting university in September.

We have one kids 1st around us (rated outstanding) and a few others all good.

We are going to see the kids 1st nursery tomorrow and am wandering what to be looking out for/expect?!

Also the waiting list is very long so I'm wandering if it would be better to look at a few more that are rated slightly lower just in case he doesn't get in by September?

What are your advice/words of wisdom for your little one starting nursery? He's the most friendliest little boy and really good with other children, very kind and good at interaction.

Thank you grin

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Popsicle20 Thu 06-Feb-20 21:13:43


Probobly the best advice I could give would be to take the ofsted reports with a pinch of salt. Go see as many nurseries as possible and as daft as it sounds you will know when you have found the right one. I saw a few outstanding nurseries with great facilities when looking for my DD's nursery but the one we went with was a lot smaller, Good Ofsted rating but I loved the staff and just felt at ease with it.

Good luck, I hope you find somewhere you and your DS loves smile

mondler Fri 07-Feb-20 22:37:51

I'd agree with you the pp. We looked at a few and one just felt right. It wasn't the most modern or biggest but the vibe was amazing. Our DS started 3 weeks ago and everyone is so friendly and all the staff know his name.

When you look around look at the facilities etc but pay a lot of attention to the children and staff there. If they are happy or being comforted etc.

Good luck x

Mysterian Sat 08-Feb-20 12:03:34

I've worked in lots of nurseries due to doing quite a bit of supply work. Ofsted grades are crap. You just have to be good for a day. Staff training gets cancelled, staff called back off holiday, things children are not normally allowed to play with because it's a hassle are brought out, and the computer that has been broken for the last 2 years and has been used as a clothes drying rack suddenly has all the damp gloves taken off it and ofsted are told it broke yesterday.
And then there's the "ofsted box". A box of sharpened pencils, new multi-cultural books, and pens that actually work that gets put in a cupboard ready for an inspection.
Go for smaller number of children in rooms, friendly staff, and lots of things for children to play with.

jannier Mon 10-Feb-20 14:25:34

Look at a variety of settings dont be fooled by nice walls and lovely equipment as often that's just to impress and not played with. Do staff interact with children or just watch all day. Do children approach staff and are welcomed in a warm way
Ages of long have they been there ....lots of turnover or too many young apprentices (who might move on when they become qualified and nursery dumps them as too much to employ....common issue as it's tough to break even)
Are you only interested in nursery or would you consider childminders or childcare on domestic premises that can be very similar to nursery and work to the same standards?

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