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whattodo2019 Wed 29-Jan-20 23:22:04

What ratios is your nursery working to?
I am interested to hear from nurseries

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whattodo2019 Wed 29-Jan-20 23:23:49

Sorry it posted before I had finished..
I'm also interested to find out more about nursery's in pre-prep schools

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NickMarlow Wed 29-Jan-20 23:25:59

1:3 in the 0-1 room
1:4 in the 2 year old room
1:8 in the preschool room

Diex Thu 30-Jan-20 17:22:17

same as @nickMarlow in my nursery. This is the legal ratio requirement so you will find that is should be the same everywhere. I think the only exception might be if the nursery preschool had a qualified teacher it can go up to 1:13 (altho as a manager in my nursery i probably would not leave 1 person with 13 preschool children as this is ridiculous).

insancerre Thu 30-Jan-20 19:12:08

Same as previous posters
We do use the 1-13 sometimes to cover lunches and staff sick days, if we can’t get cover from elsewhere

Tumbleweed101 Thu 30-Jan-20 19:39:39

As above. Keep in mind it’s building ratio so staff can be moved about if some are asleep etc.

MondeoFan Thu 30-Jan-20 19:47:54

Same as above. We have a qualified teacher in my nursery so she works on a 1:13 ratio if needed. Today she had 14 and we had 6 2-3 year olds so we mixed the ratios and worked together 20 children and 3 staff members


RubyandMax Fri 31-Jan-20 19:54:11

My DC old nursery does 1:3 in baby room, 1:4 in toddlers and 1:6 in pre-school.

missyB1 Fri 31-Jan-20 19:55:50

In a pre prep. 1:4 in the 2 year olds room.

missyB1 Fri 31-Jan-20 19:58:31

Forgot to say the 3 year olds room has a qualified teacher so they can have 1:13 but in reality they have more staff than that.

Fandabydosey Sat 01-Feb-20 21:21:16

0-2 have to have a separate area and a 1:3 ratio with the room leader being at least L3 early years qualified and a baby care element in their qualification I can't remember the rest of the specification on qualifications in the baby room.
2-3yrs are on a 1:4 ratio and at least 50% of the staff should hold a relevant early years qualification
3-5yrs are on a 1:8 ratio again 50% of staff should be qualified. You can move children down ratios but not up. Eg so a 4 year old can be in a 1:4 ratio but a 2 year old can't be in a 1:8 ratio and as far as I know you can only put preschool children in a 1:13 ratio. Look up the early years framework this is a legal document which is what all nurseries have to adhere to. It is a long document but it is there.

june2007 Sat 01-Feb-20 21:29:05

I have a level 6 qualification so I can be left with 1-13 3-5 year olds, But the nursery I am in tries to stick to 1-8.. Nursery classes with a qualified teacher can be different but they don,t have babies.

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