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Beccaraggy26 Thu 16-Jan-20 09:50:40

Hi I'm new but I really need some little boy is starting nursery he's 3...we went round loads and picked what we felt the best one for us...there is a rational side that knows he will be okay...we've had the taster sessions and he sits with me not talking just playing with me...the second time I left and he asked where I was I heard him but then went off playing...I stood on the other side crying my heart out for the full hour...he has his first full day but I cant help the feeling of I'm abanding him...he has only been with family since birth...ive been up every night going through every scenario in my head and crying....sorry for the long story but will it get better? Are there any other mums struggling? Thank you for any advice!

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harrypotterfan1604 Thu 16-Jan-20 09:58:11

Trusting strangers to take care of your little one is very hard. My DD is 1 and has been going to nursery for 2 months now. The first full day was hard but I went to work so stayed busy. She absolutely loves it! She sometimes cries at drop off but it’s over with in a few seconds and then she’s so happy at nursery. She gets so much from it, she’s learning new things daily and learning how to socialise with other children.
She’s a monkey for sleep fighting but she naps well at nursery and eats well too.
Try to relax about it, he will pick up on your anxiety.
Most nursery’s will be happy for you to ring then anytime to check in on your son.
It might take him a little while to settle into it but once he does he’s likely to thrive.
You’ll be ok too, are you working? Or can you drop him at nursery then go out with friends for a child free cake and coffee to try and keep you occupied rather than sitting at home worrying about him?

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