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Idiots guide to montessori nurseries & schools...

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Raggydoll Wed 29-Aug-07 18:03:31

Honestly I hadn't reall heard of this type of school until recently and just wondered what the difference was to state school or private schools??

LIZS Wed 29-Aug-07 18:08:26

Normally they are from aged 3-5 but some go up to 7 or 11. They are private and work on self motivation and learning through free play and structured activities of varying difficulty. ds' was basically a cosy nursery school ,if a little old fashioned. A Montessori has to operate to the same Foundation Stage currciulum as other preshcools and bnurseries both state and private, do and shodul have an Ofsted report etc.

jo25 Wed 29-Aug-07 18:19:47

We sent our ds to a montessori and it was fantastic, wanted to send him to school, but none in the area sad did think about moving to ensure his attendance but heyho, bascially;

unlike many educational philosophers maria montessori developed an educational method to implement her philosophy. She wanted her method to be open minded and not a fixed system, she believed in inovation in the classroom and her whole approach to education was in the spirit of constant experimentation based on observations of the child.

There are two main components to the montessori method, 1) enviroment, including the educational materials(which are all natural and found in home enviroments) they dont have plastic or man made products. and 2).the teachers who prepare the enviroment. Maria montessori considered enviroment to play key part in her method. She likes to think of the enviroment as child nourshing where everybody works and learns from each other, including adults learnig from children. Everything is child sized and the teachers work with the children, not just preching at them. The other key to montessori is everything should be 3 dimensional, so the children learn but doing, (great for audiatory learners) and at there own pace, there is no deadlines to meet or exams to sit at certain times. If a child is ready to sit a GSCE at 14 then thats what happens, they can then take the rest at 15 or 16, when they are ready. A pure montessori sometimes don't even sit the SATS (a good thing in my mind).

Hope this helps, sorry it rambles on but it is something i feel very very passoniate about. Montessori is not just learning in a education setting it is a way of life, the children have to be montessori at home as well to reep the full benefits of it. Its just Fantasic.

Raggydoll Wed 29-Aug-07 18:30:24

thanks... it all sounds very good so fsr. In fact it seems alot of regular nurseries are adopting some of these techniques as 'modern' teaching methods.

Any criticisms??

jo25 Wed 29-Aug-07 18:36:43

The only negatives i found were some of the other parents! It is true that some schools are adopting some of the methods and i think it has the potential to work well if the parents took the time to fully understand the ethos behind it. You have to continue the montessori way outside school/nursery otherwise its not going to benfit anyone especially the children. Are you thinking about a montessori for your LO?

MightyMoosh Sun 09-Sep-07 12:15:40

Dont know much about the method, but I do know my oldest charge aged 3 just started a montissori last week and he loves it!

aDad Sun 09-Sep-07 12:28:00

We sent dd1 to our local Montessori nursery for a term but it seemed particularly joyless with too much emphasis on 'work' and working on your own rather than in groups.

We wanted nursery to just be fun and involve plenty of play, and a chance to mix with other children but this was almost discouraged at our local one - you had to stay at your own work station etc. Everything they were doing was within the Montessori code but they adhered too strictly to that Montessori ideal for my liking.

However I also know plenty of people who were happy with their local Montessoris, so I think the important thing is visiting yours and gauging how happy the children seem and what you think.

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