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Distance to nursery

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rach3y Tue 07-Jan-20 14:21:48

We are in the process of moving house, currently where we live my 2 year old nursery is 15 mins drive away, we are moving 10mins further so commute to nursery is 25 mins each way , he goes 3 days a week and it is on my way to work . There is a preschool he is now old enough to go to 5mins from the new house in the opposite direction from work , it is the preschool to where he will go to school but it is no where near as good as his current nursey where he is settled . I would like to keep him at his current nursery but I am concerned about the length of time he will be in the car - what do others think ?

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Bol87 Sat 11-Jan-20 22:27:27

He’ll be fine! Our daughter goes to nursery next door to our work - a 45-60 minute commute each way, traffic dependant. She’s being going twice a week since she was 12 months! Really isn’t a problem! In the morning, she sits & watches the world go by & we listen to nursery rhymes. On the way home, we pack snacks as she tends to be hungry & tend to let her watch CBeebies on her iPad clipped to the headrest in front. Predominantly to stop her falling asleep on the way back! She’s had a long, busy day. A bit of TV & relax in her car seat is no bad thing!

You really don’t need to worry about 25 mins in the car.. our nearest toddler groups/gym class etc are a good 25 mins away.. journeys like that are just normal life to us!

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