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Maternity Allowance & 30 Free hours

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RainbowFlowers Mon 23-Dec-19 11:11:55

Hi, has anyone successfully continued to claim 30 free hours and tax free childcare when they claimed maternity allowance due to being self employed.

I would really like some reassurance on this as the info on the direct gov website is vague when it comes to this. I am self employed at the moment and plan to claim maternity allowance (rather than maternity pay which is for the employed) in May and I want my 3 year old to remain in nursery for his 30 "free" hours.


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Sarcasticbutton Sun 29-Dec-19 16:50:11

It depends on when you have renewed it. It is checked in April so if your eligible in April your child will continue to get it until July. If your not eligible you will go into the grace period for three months where you are still entitled to it so from September -December but if you renew you’ll continue to be eligible

This is based on if you use your 30 hours term time only as I am not sure how it works if you e stretched your hours

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