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Gingerninja01 Wed 11-Dec-19 11:47:11

Just visited a village forest school for DD. Thought it was lovely, but on arrival (which was at busy drop off time so lots of parents and children milling about) nobody asked our names or asked us to sign in etc.
Also the front garden area is secured by a gate which is shorter than me (I'm only 5ft) meaning passersby walking along the street are able to potentially stop and talk to the children as they play in the garden.
Happy to be told I'm being ridiculously paranoid but as this is my first experience of choosing a nursery place I dont know how big a deal these things are.
Would this be a massive safety red flag to anyone?

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NJDO Thu 12-Dec-19 20:59:58

I'm a nursery Manager and security is a big thing for us! You can't get in the door without being buzzed in, have to be let in the second door as it is coded. You have to sign in and we check ID, no ID means no visit! x

Expressedways Thu 12-Dec-19 21:07:43

I’m not sure from what you’ve posted. Our daycare has one locked door accessed with a key code which goes into a reception/office, then another door with a different key code to access the classrooms. They also take the children to play outside in the park or visit the nearby zoo accompanied by 3 class teachers. If the garden is only used when the children are fully supervised, the gate is locked and there’s another (locked) door into the nursery then I don’t see the issue as it’s surely no different to them taking the children on an outing? However, if it’s one of those places where the kids are left to wander in and out, the children aren’t being adequately supervised, the gate isn’t secure and anyone can just wander in without signing in then that would be a huge red flag to me.

insancerre Fri 13-Dec-19 07:24:32

Nobody asked your name?
Really? So you left your daughter and didn’t speak to anyone and nobody knew she was there?

Seems hard to believe

AppropriateAdult Fri 13-Dec-19 07:32:25

Nobody asked your name?
Really? So you left your daughter and didn’t speak to anyone and nobody knew she was there?

What are you talking about? The OP said she went for a visit, not that she dropped her daughter off for her first day at nursery... hmm

Gingerninja01 Fri 13-Dec-19 08:12:59

Thanks for your replies. To clarify, it was just a nursery visit we didnt leave DD there. When we arrived we walked into the cloakroom area (open as it was drop off time with lots of people in and out, member of staff standing at the door) we said "hi were here for a visit" and they ushered us inside without asking names/to sign in etc
When we left, we had to be let out of the gate as it was locked by a key but as mentioned it isn't a very tall gate at all and anyone walking past could stop and have a nose. Free flow play is encouraged at the nursery so kids are allowed in and out of the garden but there was a member of staff standing there. Annoyingly I didnt think to ask at the time if this was policy but I would presume it is?

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