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Primary Steps in administration

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Crocky Thu 23-Aug-07 09:50:48

Just been informed that dd's nursery is in administration. It is being marketed for sale.
Am wondering what the likely outcome is.
Really don't want to have to move her. She starts school next year so only has a year left and she loves the kids she is with in nursery, to the extent that she pines for them when on holiday.

Crocky Thu 23-Aug-07 19:22:33


nannynick Fri 24-Aug-07 18:22:18

Alas I can not locate any news about Primary Steps in the childcare press. Their website however is not accessible, so it may not be just your dd's nursery, but the group as a whole.

Anyone got any more info regarding situation at Primary Steps?

KittyH Mon 27-Aug-07 20:37:05

I have 2 kids at Primary Steps. I also heard this rumour. It looks as though Creative Edcucation Corporation plc (who we pay our cheques to) has gone into administration, but I am not sure what this means for all the nurseries. I guess the company has to be bought out by another. Does anyone know how these things work?
Will be asking at nursery tomorrow!

Crocky Tue 28-Aug-07 19:37:14

Did you find out anything Kitty?

Lovecat Wed 29-Aug-07 15:19:56

Wish I'd seen this sooner!

We only got our letters yesterday shock!! Yes, it is the whole group. They are looking for someone to take them all over as one going concern.

Apparently they have 'several' buyers for the chain in the pipeline so there is 'no need to worry'.

Well, that's what dd's keyworker told me yesterday... I'm still quite concerned...

Crocky Wed 29-Aug-07 15:49:37

Me too, but am just hanging in there and hoping that by the time anything happens she will be leaving anyway.

nannynick Wed 29-Aug-07 18:59:21

As it is a PLC, you can find some information via ShareCrazy

mumsville Sat 01-Sep-07 11:24:37

My ds started at Primary Steps last week. I'm quite worried but I'm assured that many chains are bought out by other chains.

I was told before I paid my cheque. I figure if the manageress thought she would be aout of a job sometime soon it wouldn't be in her interests to encourage new business!

As I'm new to all this - what is your opinion of them?

KittyH Mon 03-Sep-07 21:16:45

Sorry do not check this site regularly enough! We got our letters from the nursery last week. I am hopeful they will find a buyer. The nursery I have experience of is excellent in all respects. Hope that helps.


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