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30 free hours vs 15 free hours

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NemophilistRebel Wed 04-Dec-19 10:09:48

DC will be coming up for 3 in the summer and starting to think about nursery

We qualify for the 30 free hours but it doesn’t look straight forward as to whether we’ll be able to get one of the limited slots available for that

Do people always take the 30 free hours or is there anyone here who has chosen to go with 15 free ours even if entitled to the 30?

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SweepTheHalls Wed 04-Dec-19 10:11:43

If you are entitled to the 30 hours you take whatever up to that. My nursery has very tight rules about how many hours can be used per day so frustratingly I can only use 12 hours of the 30. It still helps though.

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