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Should I register as self-employed?

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sallyandmoney Mon 02-Dec-19 14:25:50

I think I need help... I have no clue what to do.

I had been SAHM for ten years until one day a family asked me to help their kids' homework. It was just one evening a week. But since then, they've kept asking me things like looking after their dog, doing casual housework etc, and now I work 4 evenings a week for them. The kids call me I am their nanny/practice supervisor/housekeeper/dog carer etc!

I make tiny amount of money out of it so I didn't think of myself 'self-employed'. But I am wondering if I am supposed to register as self-employed and make some actions to avoid anything becoming illegal (even if unintentionally).

I am hoping to start focusing on more teaching job after completing my postgrad course (6 months to go). I already teach the kids the subject and that's how it all started with the family. So, I am going to be self-employed at some point anyway. But my question is should I register now or later??

Can anyone tell me if I am doing anything wrong legally?

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nannynick Mon 02-Dec-19 19:50:36

If you are doing 4 times a week on a regular basis, it sounds more like employment than you providing a service to several clients.

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