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nursery in glasgow for child with speech delay, possible autism

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weejenny Thu 16-Jan-20 16:14:26

Have you considered the outdoor nursery - Woodland Outdoor Kindergartens? It is a smaller setting with a less intense environment...might be one to consider? Otherwise some of the family centres?

sleepismysuperpower1 Wed 27-Nov-19 16:53:32

kelbourne park might suit what you are looking for. it has a speech and language therapist on site and goes up to primary 7 from nursery x

Zoe1184 Wed 27-Nov-19 11:24:11

I'm looking for recommendations for a nursery with experience of dealing with kids with speech and communication issues and/or autism. ideally a small setting with good outdoor play space. Will consider anywhere in the wider Glasgow area. We have a fabulous nursery at the moment but moving to be closer to family and support network. Any recommendations and experience greatly appreciated.

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