Should I change nursery again

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NurseryNamechange Mon 28-Oct-19 14:24:16

DD (just turned 3) started nursery in May after just over 2.5 years of me as a SAHP. She's a gentle and sensitive child and takes a while to warm up in unfamiliar situations.

The first nursery she really struggled with, after a pretty brutal settling in period she wasn't settling at all, she was absolutely distraught about going and very upset and withdrawn while there. We made the decision to change nurseries as we also had concerns about other issues such as food, outdoor play and the staff not being attentive.

She started a new nursery in July and gradually seemed to be settling in or at least tolerating of the new one. For the last month she's become very emotional going to and during her time there (3 half days per week) I've recently found out that 6 members of staff are leaving in the next few weeks including her key worker, the manager and established staff who have been there for years. I understand nurseries often have a high staff turnaround but this is approx 50% of staff

Alarm bells are ringing. I don't want to cause a huge amount of upheaval again only for it to follow a similar pattern and I feel clouded as to whether this is just my DDs sensitive disposition or we just haven't found the right place for her. So I'm looking for advice from anyone who has been through similar or any practitioners who could advise

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