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Good nurseries in Reading

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Mysterian Tue 22-Oct-19 11:40:33

Hello. What kind of area are you looking in?

I'm afraid being ill quite a bit after starting in a nursery is sort of normal. It's the same with us staff too! Children are not always the most hygeinic people, and parents do like to send them in when they have an illness (which they shouldn't!) so germs spread fairly easily. It does get much better.

DinoGreen Mon 21-Oct-19 18:32:46

I’ve sent you a PM.

geanina Mon 21-Oct-19 11:43:20

Hi. I have a 14 months old boy and I'm searching for a good nursery in Reading. He is currently at one nursery for more than a months and we are veeery disappointed of how he is treated. He has been sick from first day and still sick, he has separation anxiety and this is dealt with superficially. in the first week he came home with lots of bruises, some gripping bruises, we suspect they occured during the nappy change. I am sooo worried all the time and found little to no reassurance from the staff. Today he was just left on the floor to cry alone (returned to ask a question and then someone picked him up). I hope there is a mum who could help with a piece of advice.

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