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Negative settling-in experience

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jojolondon81 Wed 02-Oct-19 15:00:34

I took my LO to nursery for her first settling in day today. It was just an hour and I stayed with her, but unfortunately I've left with a really bad feeling about our choice. First of all we weren't welcomed properly on arrival - we were left standing in the entrance for ages until someone came out and said we could just come in to the baby room when we were ready. I ended up introducing myself and my daughter to all the members of staff in the baby room as no-one volunteered their name or came over to say hi, other than the room leader. I had expected to be told today who her key worker would be and spend some time chatting with them, but the room leader said they tend to just see who the child gravitates towards and then decide who it will be. There was also some admin confusion around the lunches - I'd been given the impression we would be having the cooked lunch as part of the price but was told today there would be an additional charge for this. When I expressed surprise I got a shrug from the admin worker.
Both I and my partner liked the nursery when we looked round as we felt it was small and friendly, but today I had a completely different gut reaction - it felt disorganised and a bit chaotic, and I was in tears afterwards at the thought of leaving my daughter there. She seemed happy enough, but I expected that I was with her today.
AIBU and expecting too much, or does this sound like a bad settling experience? Many thanks for any advice.

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jojolondon81 Wed 02-Oct-19 15:04:42

Sorry, should have said that my LO is 10 months old. I'm seriously considering going with my gut and pulling out, and trying to find a local childminder instead. But maybe this is just the norm?

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Ilovechocolate01 Wed 02-Oct-19 15:22:16

I think you can only go with your gut feeling and keep looking for somewhere new. Did you pay a deposit and do you have to give notice? Maybe try one more day too

Fandabydosey Wed 02-Oct-19 16:56:59

The point you raise about the keyworker is fairly common and in fact good practice. The reason I say this is because a key worker is the one bonding with your child. So waiting to see who she gravitates towards is really good practice.
Nurseries have off days as the people working there are humans. And the food thing is a small thing. Having said all of that your gut instinct is important. I have been in a situation where settling in is awkward from the staff's point of view it makes for a tricky start. But the awkward moments do pass and things can turn around and work fine.
This is your child and you have to be happy. Asking a bunch of strangers may not give you a balanced opinion.

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