Should I take him out of nursery or give them another chance?

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Emh80 Sun 29-Sep-19 22:12:49

Hi there,

Looking for some advice.

My son who is 16 months started nursery a couple of weeks ago. He seemed to really enjoy his settling in sessions. Once he started he started to become upset when we arrived but (i have been told) stopped shortly after I left. He always seemed a bit upset when I picked him up even before he saw me but I have just been putting it down to him still settling in.

The nursery seems nice and staff as well but on one occasion they have told me they changed him which they didn't as I had different nappies in the bag and twice they haven't offered him his bottle in the afternoon which is not really a big deal.

Last week I brought him in and he got very upset when we arrived but I left and returned 4-5 hours later as usual (he only does afternoons). When I picked him up he was really upset with bloodshot puffy eyes. I picked him up and one of the ladies did the hand over told he he had been doing so well eaten his breakfast and lunch and really getting involved in everything. I had a crying baby in my arms and didnt think anything of it till I was outside and though .... he wasn't even there for breakfast and lunch. That evening he really wasnt himself hardly made a sound woulnt play or eat just wanted to be in my arms. Not himself at all never seen him like this.

I am worried he was left to cry for 5 hours which really makes me upset. My partner doesnt want to send him back and I don't really but worry he will never settle in anywhere.

Sorry this is so long any ideas on what we should do?

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Geneva1995 Mon 30-Sep-19 21:14:13

This is really sad for you sad was the person who handed over his key worker? I would definitely find a new nursery or if not, speak to the manager and tell them you aren’t happy

OnlyYellowRoses Mon 30-Sep-19 21:33:29

I'd have to move him. If you have doubts then instinct is usually correct

Emh80 Tue 01-Oct-19 14:23:32

Thanks for your comments. We have decided to take him out for now. They were very apologetic but offered now explanation to what happened last week. Might look into a childminder for now and nursery a bit further down the line.

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jannier Fri 04-Oct-19 12:26:40

Out of interest why would you move to nursery later?

Liverpoolgirl52 Fri 04-Oct-19 20:02:49

I would definitely recommend a childminder for your son. We’ve had plenty of children who just don’t settle at nursery and they’re so much happier with us as a quieter setting. They now enjoy school and have no problems as they’re that bit older to be able to cope with a busy, noisy setting. Although, some children prefer a nursery setting, some children don’t settle well at either so you’ll have to try and see what your child takes to best. Good luck with your search OP

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