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Please can someone help me feel better about settling in!!

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Firefly111 Mon 23-Sep-19 13:16:53

Started settling in sessions last week with my 10 MO DD. We had her induction session where me and DH were there with her which was fine and then i took her on Friday and left her just for 1 hour and she's done 1.5 hours and stayed for lunch today.

She is fine when being left, not clingy or crying and seems quite happy to be left which is great. They have said though that she seems to get quite overwhelmed after about 30 mins or so and then gets very upset. She was crying her eyes out when i got there to pick her up today and had refused food and water sad I just feel so bad knowing she's been so upset. I am returning to work next week and she will be there for 2 full days, i'm worrying how she will cope. She is doing another 1.5 hours over a meal time later on this week so i'm hoping that will go better.

Can anyone tell me how they managed with settling in? How long did it take for your baby to settle? Is it normal for her to be getting so upset?

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Fibbib Sat 05-Oct-19 19:36:51

How is she settled now? If she is still upset maybe send in an item of your clothes so she can cuddle it and smell mummy. This may settle her better.

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