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Level 3 diploma

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pandaeyez Thu 19-Sep-19 10:07:56

I recently started my Level 3 qualification work based through my local college. Unfortunately I've had problems in my nursery role and have now decided to leave.

I've been offered a job as a nanny which I've excepted (was a nanny years ago and loved it). I was really keen to continue with my Level 3 just in case I ever decided to return to nursery work in the future, however I've been told I possibly may not be able to do it through a nanny role as I would need to be in a supervisor role managing other staff (I was a supervisor).

I'm a little confused on the above point as I have known nursery practitioners who weren't in a supervisor role complete their Level 3. Anyway, it seems that I will not be able to continue like I'd hoped and was wondering if there were any childcare/college assessors on here who knew a way around this?

For the time being I really don't want to work in a nursery, but I did offer to volunteer in one for a couple of hours a week if that meant I could still carry on with the qualification, however they have now said I would need to be employed by the setting and that a manager would need to sign off on all of my paperwork etc.

Unfortunately I cannot attend college full time either and do it that way as I need to work in order to pay my bills etc.

I've been looking at the Open University which have courses similar to the CCLD qualification however I'm not sure if they would be recognised in a nursery setting should I wish to go back one day. I don't want to waste money and time completing one if it's not recognised.

If anyone could advise that would be great, my college and assessor have been a bit useless regarding the whole situation.

I'm in Wales, if that's relevant at all.

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pandaeyez Thu 19-Sep-19 14:17:47


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