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Furious at being patronised by nursery head office rep.

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LEMONADEGIRL Thu 09-Aug-07 20:41:51

so, picked ds up from nursery this pm. Nursery want payment to change from cheque to s/o orer d/d. Went into managers office to check that payment dhould be in the their bank b y said date as dh likes to make it slightly later as we pay for fees in advance.

Manager who by the way is really nice said as long as around then that would be okay.

However sat in her chair was a representative from the head office who reiterated that it would need to be as near to said date as poss as , if did not would be in arrears and did I want to be in arrears and have to recieve leters from them

I have never been in arrears and neber missed a payment.
Was holding ds in my arms at time and just felt so cross at being spoken to like a naughty child. Made some silly comment as was so shocked.

Want to complain, but don't know to do, is it me, told dh this eveing and he thinks it also outrageous

Sorry long post


LEMONADEGIRL Thu 09-Aug-07 20:43:12

exuse typing

IsabelWatchingItRainInMacondo Thu 09-Aug-07 20:46:25

Oh well, it depends... what was the "silly comment" you made? Maybe is already sorted...

LEMONADEGIRL Thu 09-Aug-07 20:58:09

at being asked did i want to recieve letters, was so embarrased that the first thing that came into my was, " oh, well what are a couple of branches off a tree" sounds daft now, but was trying to be off hand and probably doesn't make sense.

Can always thiink of retorts after the event.

LEMONADEGIRL Thu 09-Aug-07 21:24:56

anyone or am I hypersensitive?

CHOCOLATEPEANUT Thu 09-Aug-07 21:29:59

No I dont think so. I think Nursery staff can be a bit patronising like this.

If you pay your account in sufficient time and in advance whats thier problem? And I would thought that IF they had a problem with your account they could speak to you not send you letters.Very impersonal if you ask me.

I think my silly comment would have been 'well I suppose it will give you something to do"

and blown a big raspberry (thats how I feel at moment!!)

Bubble99 Thu 09-Aug-07 21:33:26

It does sound as though the head office bod needs to brush up on her people skills. So it might be worth a letter to say that you found her patronising.

It is worth remembering, though, that a lot of businesses rely on cashflow and need fees to be their bank account at a certain time to enable them to pay their rent/business mortgage/rates/ staff salaries etc.

Doodledootoo Thu 09-Aug-07 21:34:48

Message withdrawn

rantinghousewife Thu 09-Aug-07 21:38:58

I've got a wealth of answers for this sort of thing, being short ensures that the odd person feels the need to talk to me as if I were 5. The best one being, yes it's amazing that I made it to 35 without the benefit of your wisdom, thanks, said while smiling sweetly.
Chippy moi?

CHOCOLATEPEANUT Thu 09-Aug-07 21:51:56

like that comment ranting!!

gonna pinch it

rantinghousewife Thu 09-Aug-07 21:54:46

You're most welcome to pinch it chocolate peanut!!

LEMONADEGIRL Thu 09-Aug-07 21:58:16

oh good, thanks for making me feel better

Probably wont make complaint had large glass of red and feel much more relaxed.

Rantinghousewife - me too, not only short but look young as well. DH thinks your retort was spot on and wants me to remember it for next time

lizziemun Thu 09-Aug-07 23:10:08

I would be furious to, but i would as it is

a) you pay your account in advance and have never missed or paid late.

B) if you pay by direct debit it is their responsibilty to take the money so that it arrives on time.

oddjobgirl Fri 10-Aug-07 18:23:13

I would be furious too from the parent side, but from the accounts side - I know loads of parents put off paying for ages and ages and will take it right to the brink. In other words " We regret that unless payment of.... is made by... your child may no longer attend, etc". This is one of those cases where the many are suffering from the behaviour of the few.

islandofsodor Sat 11-Aug-07 22:12:53

I am definately going to remember the branches off a tree comment for similar suitable occasions!!!!!

McEdam Sat 11-Aug-07 22:17:50

The nursery isn't part of the Asquith Court chain, is it? Because we had endless bloody trouble with them failing to cash our childcare vouchers and leaving us in a real mess. Dh's vouchers were eventually reclaimed by his company because blasted AC never bothered to cash them, despite endless conversations, phone calls and letters. All the while chasing us for payment, the rotters.

I hear what the other posters say about nurseries having to be paid on time. But we suffered from a nursery that messed us around so badly it ended up costing us several hundred pounds because we lost the tax refund on the vouchers. Swines.

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