How many hours for 3.5 year old when new baby is due

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achangeisgood Thu 29-Aug-19 14:59:00

From September DS will be doing 12 hours a week at preschool over 4 sessions. Before the holidays he did 6 hours over 2 sessions. I am having a baby at Christmas and wondering whether I keep him the same or up him?

I can get 30 hours, but I only work at home evenings so haven't needed the childcare for work. I started sending him to preschool for social interaction and to give me a break a couple of mornings to do house work etc.

He will be 3.5 once new baby arrives. What does MN think more hours or stay the same. If I want to up them after Xmas they want to know asap once we start back confused

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BackforGood Thu 29-Aug-19 17:45:14

I would keep them the same as he has been doing in the Autumn.
It means you have to get him there and fetch him, but gives you those hours to have a bit of time with the new baby, and keeps him in the routine he's been used to and engaging with others / doing exciting things that will engage him. smile

Di11y Thu 29-Aug-19 18:33:10

I'd perhaps up it by 1 afternoon to start. will allow you more time to rest as by the time you've dropped off you'll not have long to actually rest or do baby groups etc. think about if you'd like to do baby swimming or massage and check what days/times.

or frankly, just to have a chance at a doze on the sofa without worrying about pick up.

Di11y Thu 29-Aug-19 18:36:53

FWIW I did 18 hours when my dd was 3.5 with a Newborn, 3 full preschool days. so had freedom of day trip with both. but she was used to 3 8-6 days when i was working.

randomsabreuse Thu 29-Aug-19 18:44:10

Would go for at least 15, maybe a couple of full days unless he doesn't cope with them. My DD did 5 mornings a week and added a couple of afternoons in the related "after school" club.

Kungfupanda67 Thu 29-Aug-19 18:54:17

3 hour sessions would drive me mad, surely by the time you drop them off, get home, maybe have something to eat or run the hoover round you must have to leave to pick them up again?

My kids have always been in nurseries though so I’m used to 10 hour sessions. I would but him in 2 or 3 days but make them 9-3 so you have full days to yourself to rest and get stuff done, but also have days free to take toddler and baby out

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