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Criminal investigation

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lightcola Fri 23-Aug-19 12:45:31

I'm currently going through all parents worst nightmare. The nursery my child is in is being investigated by the police as a staff member has been accused of physically hurting children. Unfortunately my child is one of the children which was named as being hurt. The witness claims this staff member dragged my child across the floor by their arm. Of course I have now removed my child from the setting, and the staff member has been suspended. My child (who is 2.5) hasn't said anything to me about this and has shown no sign of distress from it, but I don't know what to do. It's been 3 weeks since the nursery told me about it and the police are still unable to tell me exactly what has happened. Just that they are gathering evidence ready to interview the accused. I feel so angry and frustrated that I cant find out what's happened. I feel like I need justice for my child but don't know how to go about getting it. Do I just sit back and wait for the investigation to end? I feel like we are a small cog in a big wheel but to us this is a hugely distressing time and I want the nursery and police to treat it with the importance it is deserved. Does any body have any advice?

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LoisLittsLover Fri 23-Aug-19 12:49:26

I understand how you feel but the wheels of justice turn slowly. Your child is safe at the moment so take comfort in that. Gathering evidence will include interviewing all potential involved adults possibly more than once which could amount to 20 or so people. Then speaking to parents and considering eith them whether to interview children (obviously appropriatley via ABE process) and potential medicals as well. So lots for them to do

lightcola Fri 23-Aug-19 14:54:18

Thank you for your reply Lois. I know this is going to take time, I guess I just feel the longer it takes the more chance it will just be brushed under a carpet. I just need to have faith that the police will deal with it appropriately and we will eventually get answers. And yes you're right, I need to take comfort in that there doesn't seem to be any lasting damage .

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itsaboojum Fri 23-Aug-19 15:03:35

Contact Their helpline is 080816 89111.

Police or children’s social care should be able to offer victim support services also.

LoisLittsLover Fri 23-Aug-19 17:52:54

The longer it takes, the more evidence they are likelyto be gathering ime. You can speak to the local LADO team (google the name of your LA and LADO and their details should come up) and they can advise you on the process

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