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Positive health stories??

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CBJGreen Mon 19-Aug-19 16:14:22

Hi All,

DD starting nursery in a couple of months and all I keep hearing is how she'll be permanently ill for the first year - has anyone got any more positive stories about babies who don't get ill all the time when starting nursery or should I definitely expect this?! I'm beginning to dread going back to work.

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DinoGreen Tue 20-Aug-19 13:53:08

My DS is 3.5. He started nursery at 11 months and in the whole of that 2.5 years off he has had two whole days off and one day I had to collect him early because he’d been sick (and one of the whole days off was the day after that, because of the 48 hour rule).

He’s never had a serious illness caught from nursery. He has what seems like a near-permanent cold every winter from about October until March! But not bad enough to keep him off.

So fingers crossed, you might be lucky!

itsaboojum Wed 21-Aug-19 08:49:18

They don’t get ill from nursery: they get ill from people. So your alternative is to quarantine children from the world, avoiding libraries, toddler groups, soft play, parks, shops, etc. over the next few years.

.....then watch them catch everything that’s going the moment they start school.

CBJGreen Wed 21-Aug-19 09:21:06

Thanks so much for the positivity- very appreciated smile

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