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Big escape from London to Kent!

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al73 Thu 02-Aug-07 23:05:53

Need some help from local Mums in Dover/Folkestone area of Kent. We are finally making the break from London (hurrah!) & heading your way. I've just accepted a job in Hythe & will be living just outside DOver to start with. I have 2 ds, currently 2 & 6 months. Can anyone recommend any nurseries in the area? Looking for 3 days a week, please help!

Fatfrog Sat 04-Aug-07 00:18:28

Hi a173 and welcome to Kent coast! We moved here January07- Folkestone from London-still getting to grips with the place.

Our son goes to a nice local nursery though I'm not 100% sure about it yet so can't completely recommend it to you. I'm on a mission however to find the good nurseries, primary schools etc so can pass any info onto you if you like.

Good luck with moving

eandh Sat 04-Aug-07 05:49:22

I am in Kent (Maidstone) so cant recommend any nurseries your way but good luck with the move

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