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scratching at nursery....

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dilbertina Tue 31-Jul-07 19:46:13

In need of down-to-earth advice...!

My 3.5yo goes to nursery 3 days/week.
In the past few weeks she has been scratched several times by the same child (about 2.5yo I think). The scratches are all pretty deep - (she still has scars from 1st lot 4 weeks ago)and a couple have been very close to eye. I know this child has also scratched and bitten other children.

What is it reasonable to be expecting the nursery to do in this situation? If anything....

I do realise many children go through a stage like this and I don't think I'm generally over-protective - in fact quite the opposite! But it isn't nice seeing my dd with a new injury every other day she's there.

It seems to be getting more and more frequent and I feel I need to speak to the nursery - just have no idea what I want them to say they're doing....anyone any ideas?
many thanks

americantrish Thu 02-Aug-07 12:45:12

when you pick your child up and they've been scratched; does the staff explain what was going on when the scratching occured? (not implying that your child did anything! it could be that the younger child doesnt have the words to explain what they want and scratching gets a reaction!)

presuming your dd told you who it is? also, how do you know the child has bitten others? (if the nursery is giving this information away, its VERY unprofessional of them!!) (that said, its also not very nice if other mothers are discussing this AS well!)

you are fully within your rights to talk to them about it. unfortunately some children need to grow out of it. (my son bit several children at nursery in june, and no longer does.) maybe you can ask what happens when the child scratches? and do explain your concern definitely!

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