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A worthy reason to complain?

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sarah8484 Mon 08-Jul-19 20:14:04

I picked my child up from nursery today and heard a member of staff shouting at a child (2 years old). It's not my child's class but i have to walk past the class to pick up my child and every time i do all i can hear is the 'teacher' shouting. Today she shouted 'pick that up and put it back on the table now!' When i say shout, she shouts. And last week i heard her shout at a child to stop crying else there going to the office hmm and also heard her tell members of staff not to cuddle upset children. Surely an upset child needs a cuddle. She sounds so military. I know kids need to be told but surely at 2 this is not the way to tell them? I have no concerns over my child or their teachers. But my question is, is this appropriate? Should I inform management?

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Wildorchidz Mon 08-Jul-19 20:17:21


TheSecondMrsAshwell Mon 08-Jul-19 20:23:14

I have no children, but this made me bristle.

I was told, frequently as a child to STOP CRYING. It has fucked me royally. I now have trouble expressing emotion. To deprive a child of a cuddle is, in my opinion, beyond contempt.

As I say, I have no children, so I may be wrong and more experienced people will come along, but I would have trouble not sparing the rod in this case.

Russell19 Mon 08-Jul-19 20:46:54

This is awful. I would calmly inform management what you have heard and that you are concerned. You could say you thought the nursery was more nurturing and caring than that and ask for clarification on what they expect from their staff in regards to positive communication and behaviour management. (Maybe ask for a behaviour management policy, most will be positive rather than punitive)

sarah8484 Mon 08-Jul-19 21:07:10

@Russell19 Great advice. Thank you smile

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insancerre Tue 09-Jul-19 17:06:34

Yes, please complain
I’m a nursery manager and I would hate to think that children are not in a nurturing environment

Fandabydosey Mon 12-Aug-19 23:36:09

Upset children need comforting. I am sometimes loud but that is me trying to make myself heard not shouting because I have lost control. I worked with a lady similar to what you are describing and it was awful, I am surprised that no one else has complained. I would have a word with management

sarah8484 Wed 14-Aug-19 13:35:34

I did inform management of this but nothing seems to have changed. I still hear her shouting telling children 'to stop crying, your fine'. Would this be a case for ofsted if your felt management weren't dealing with it?

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cakeandchampagne Wed 14-Aug-19 13:42:13

It doesn’t sound like they are taking very good care of the children in that nursery.

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