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mumsie2019 Mon 01-Jul-19 09:25:56

For several weeks rather a uncomfortable vibe at Pickup and drop off time at our daycare
Often looked at and ignored by several teachers
I decided to not talk or make a fuss unless they approach me
Today I feel like leaving the centre
A teacher talked to me & questioned a teacher who was so rude and then slammed a gate infront of me.
My child's nearly 3 and been there since he was 6mths old
Would it be best to go ask if I have done something or sit back and watch ignore there Moods and preference for married normal families.
I stay away from to much involvement for this exact reason.
Argh I pay these people wages.

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insancerre Thu 04-Jul-19 08:13:01

No you don’t pay their wages
You pay a fee for your child to attend and receive a service
Maybe it’s you that is giving off the vibe?
You could try smiling and approaching them

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