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Problem with Kids Allowed Nursery - advice needed!

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user1479992371 Fri 28-Jun-19 23:00:22

Hi everyone I’m looking for some advice. We’ve recently put my eldest child (age 2) into a new nursery (Kids Allowed Trafford City) as the commute to her old nursery was taking around a hour round trip to get to/from.

We’ve had 4 instances whereby she has been coming home with a dirty bum from not being cleaned properly following a soiled nappy. The first two occasions weren’t too bad so I mentioned it to her key person who assured me it would not happen again and they would be more careful. Then a week later my husband picked her up, she had a soiled nappy when he got there so he asked them to change her and when she got home there was poo everywhere, all over the back of her legs, in her bum and on her clothes (inside and out). Absolutely no care and attention had been taken on what is a basic hygiene task. Her bum was also red raw and she was screaming in pain when I changed her.

I spoke to the centre manager who said she would re-train the girls in the toddler room and I asked that a second person sign her off following a soiled nappy to ensure she has been properly cleaned. They agreed to this but then I went to pick her up today and they handed me a nappy bag with her dirty clothes in and said she had leaked “a bit”. When I got home her shorts were covered in poo, I had to throw them away they were that bad, and her bum was red raw again!! Not once had my child leaked from her nappy after she’s done a poo so she’s obviously done it and they’ve not noticed for ages, sat her down for lunch and only noticed afterwards.

Ordinarily I would just take her out of the nursery and leave a bad review but she has only just settled there and I’m very reluctant to put her in another new nursery, she’ll be a nervous wreak with all the change! Has anyone experienced a similar problem and have some advice on how to approach this moving forward? I’m really upset and disappointed with them, it’s such a basic thing to get right and I just feel completely let down.

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insancerre Sat 29-Jun-19 14:16:59

Ask for a meeting with the manager
Tell them you want to stay at the nursery for your dds benefit but you feel let down by their care for her
Tell them about the instanced with the nappies and say you want a written record each day of when she is changed and by whom
Then you will know who is changing her
If it continues and I really hope it doesn’t, then you can request that the person responsible doesn’t change her again
I really don’t believe the whole team are so bad at changing nappies, it must just be one person who needs some training
Let them know that you will have no hesitation in reporting them to ofsted if the disruption continues
It’s not acceptable to not change a child as soon as they soil and it verges on neglect to not clean them properly
I’m sure they would report parents to social services if they were coming in to the setting in that state
I suggest you follow up your conversation with an email so you have a trail and evidence if you do need to report to ofsted

Handsoffmysweets Sat 29-Jun-19 14:23:21

I’d take her out OP, ime things like this don’t change. Leave a review and notify OFSTED regarding standards.

user1479992371 Sat 29-Jun-19 15:06:48

Thank you, this is really helpful x

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Tumbleweed101 Tue 30-Jul-19 07:53:54

Nappy changing is such a basic part of nursery care that no child should be going home like that in any setting. Definitely make the manager aware.

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