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Nursery vs Pre School

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ConfusedMumNeedsHelp Fri 07-Jun-19 16:15:14

2.5 year old DS2 currently goes to a childminder 4 days of the week, along with his older brother, who is there before and after school. I always imagined DS2 would eventually splt his day's between a full time nursery and the childminder when he's around 4, so he can get ready for school.
I've just managed to get him a nursery spot for the day he doesn't go the childminder and he'll be starting this September.

When I mentioned to the CM that I would like to split his days when he's almost 4, she said that if he drops his day's with her she won't be able to guarantee a space for him for before and after school when he starts primary. I totally understand this, as she may want to give his space to someone else. She then suggested that I look into pre school sessions - he could do a morning or afternoon session and she would drop him and pick him up. That way he keeps his space, but also gets ready for school.

I've never really looked into pre schools. With my eldest I always needed full time care as I'm at work from 8 to 5 and day nurseries were perfect for this. Also, if I sign him up for pre school, I don't think I would get any benefit of the 15 hours free funding would I? Supposed I get the 15 free hours from the pre school, I would still need to pay the CM for the few hours he's at pre school. Whereas if he goes to a nursery for 2 full days, I can claim 15 hours from them without paying the CM, as he won't be going to her on those days.

I'm really confused about what I should do! I would prefer the nursery, but at the same time I don't want to lose his before and after school space as we love our CM.

Has anyone been in this situation before? Just looking for some advice.


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ConfusedMumNeedsHelp Fri 07-Jun-19 16:15:55

Wow I didn't realise how much I had typed! Sorry for rambling on blush

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Chocolateandcarbs Fri 07-Jun-19 16:19:03

My child goes to nursery, but lots of parents seem to split the hours between nursery and preschool. Pretty sure you can use your child’s hours at preschool.

Chocolateandcarbs Fri 07-Jun-19 16:19:52

Ignore above - misread 🧐

BlingLoving Fri 07-Jun-19 16:20:14

So you have to pay the childminder for the hours she's not watching him between breakfast and after school? In which case, yes, you'll still be benefiting from he 15 hours by getting the preschool free, but you'll have to pay her.

Ultimately, if you are going to need wrap around care for him when he starts school, you may want to start with the childminder. But based on your timings, I'massuming he doesn't start school until September 2021? In which case, you're trying yourself to a childminder who may or may not meet your needs by then.

ConfusedMumNeedsHelp Fri 07-Jun-19 16:25:32

Bling you are right, he'll only start in Sept 2021. I'm trying to control things that are way too forward in the future I guess smile

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BackforGood Fri 07-Jun-19 16:39:41

If your CMer doesn't take him to Play and Stays and CMer Groups, then yes, I'd be inclined to take him to a Nursery or Pre-school for some of the week (or all if the CMer then won't have him). I probably wouldn't wait until he was 4 though, I'd do it at 3.
I agree with BlingLoving that I wouldn't keep him going to the CMer if that were my less preferred option, just on the off chance that she might not then take him for wrap around care once he starts school A Lot can change in the next 15months. Plus, from her pov, it makes sense for her to have both your dc, if you are a "good customer" who always pays, collects on time, etc etc. - it is a two way consideration, her not looking after him, remember.

ConfusedMumNeedsHelp Fri 07-Jun-19 18:11:13

BackforGood CM takes DS2 to loads of play groups... They are always out and about. He's a very chatty and confident 2.5 yo and she gets a lot of credit for that. He also gets to interact with kids from different ages at her setting. From that point of view, DH thinks we shouldn't worry too much as he'll be more than ready when it comes to starting school in 2021.

I'm the one who wants a nursery setting for at least 2 full days when he's 4, as I believe nursery is more school like - he'll have more number of kids his own age, he'll get used to flowing a schedule, plus he'll likely end up in the same class with at least 1 or 2 kids he knows (this happened with DS1 as the school kept kids from the same nursery in the same class when they started reception)

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SMaCM Mon 10-Jun-19 09:43:10

If you decide to stay with the childminder, can she give you the 15 funded hours? Many childminders offer funded hours.

If you decide to send him elsewhere, the pre school seems to make more sense, as he will stay with the CM and then have his space for when he starts school as well.

MerryMarigold Sun 03-Nov-19 19:47:00

Can't he do his 15 hours funded in a school nursery? If you are working you are probably entitled to more than 15.

MerryMarigold Sun 03-Nov-19 19:48:12

From 3 years old, I mean. I work in a Nursery and whilst it is good from an independence point of view, I think school Nurseries are better equipped to be ready for school and this way he'd definitely make friends who were moving into Reception for him.

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