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2yo finding it really hard to settle at nursery

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ds2402 Mon 27-May-19 18:51:55

My son just turned 2 last week and started nursery at the beginning of May. He is meant to be doing two full days (8-530) as I’m going back to work but so far has only managed half a day, which is fine because he hasn’t been there long. He cries before we get to the door and also the nursery workers say he is very difficult to settle and often cries a lot in the day. He’s not a great eater either so can’t be distracted with food. He caught chickenpox in his 3rd week so missed those two days and since starting nursery he is extremely clingy even outside of nursery. We are starting week 5 now and he doesn’t seem to have got any better, if anything he is much worse. How long did your little ones take to settle into nursery? Anyone been through the same thing?!

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SMaCM Mon 27-May-19 22:44:56

I find a full time child settles in 5-10 full days. A part time child will usually take about 10 full days +. It's not the same for every child though. Some settle the first day, others take longer. It also depends on their age - 2 can be hard, because they're more aware, but not yet old enough to fully understand.

If you are confident about the setting and staff, then stick with it a bit longer.

Can you do something like leave your scarf on his peg, so he knows you are coming back for it? And maybe he can give it a cuddle if he wants to?

SMaCM Mon 27-May-19 22:46:46

Also - being ill won't have helped. Be positive and cheery on the way to nursery. Chat about what you'll do for tea/at the weekend/whatever. Don't make a bug deal of going to nursery and wave a cheery goodbye. Let him see you're not worried.

ds2402 Mon 27-May-19 22:58:55

Thanks! That’s a good idea about leaving an item of clothing for him to see? Although the first day I did leave the buggy and he jus kept wanting to go to that and it reminded him of me! Will try that again though with a smaller item. He talks about nursery when we are at home and he seems to like the people there but just doesn’t like it as I’m about to leave him!

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Flower255 Wed 29-May-19 11:52:34

First of all, try not to worry too much, I know it is hard but it hasn't been that long. Some children will settle within a day, some take a few months some a little bit longer, I know it seems like a long time but he will settle. It is a positive sign that he is talking positively about nursery when he is at home.
Is there a particular type of toy he likes at nursery, animals, building blocks, books, speak to his key person and see if they could encourage him to go and find a certain toy with them when he arrives at nursery. Or even give him a few photos to take with him. How does the nursery do their learning journals do they do it on paper or do they have a system called eylog or tapestry which is online and you can access? If it is online have they uploaded anything yet for you to see? If they have then you could show him when you are home and it will also help your piece of mind. Lastly does he do two days in a row or are these spaced out? I hope I haven't rambled to much X

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