Communication and involving patents in child's progesss

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lizzylou1 Sun 19-May-19 14:28:06

Hello all

I was hoping someone could give me some advice!

My daughters nursery has raised concerns that she is challenging and was behind with her speech and advised me that they will get the early years team to come and observe , months had past still no visit.

I started getting impatient and rang the council myself , we're they had confirmed a week later that the visit had already happened. Coincidentally the nursery manager emailed me that evening and said that "SENCO visited last week " I knew straight away it was not adding up so I questioned her which date the visit happened, she just said the Day D was unwell . This was 2 weeks ago at this point and not " last week " . Am I over thinking this ? Should I have been informed running up to the visit and straight after? She also said that the visit was between the setting and SENCO ( so had her mother I was not priority to be informed)

Further to this . The nursery was suppose to be using visual aid for her for a few months . She told me that they have not seen ant progress st all, I questioned them if her tantrums are still happening when coming in out the garden . Her response " yes tantrums have stopped as we are using the visual aid "

She also said that she had noticed my dd is milking a lot of sounds , something she said to me about 6 months ago. 'DD is now forming 3 word sentences and we couldn't be more happier . This just makes me feel they are not focusing on her at all as we seeing a great improvement at home.

Finally , she said that DD is getting more attention than the over children at times so they will have to review this in the new term . Is it just me or does it sound like something is wrong!

I am waiting for a call from SENCO tomorrow to get some honest answers about what happened that day.

I have always kept yhe nursery informed of any appointments and therapy DD has as I know this will help with supporting her.

I would really appreciate any experiences or advice thank you for reading !! Xxxxx

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SMaCM Tue 21-May-19 06:54:29

It sounds like they had a SENCO visit to the nursery, not just for your DD. Your DD wasn't there, so she hasn't seen the SENCO yet. Until she does, I'm not sure why they would tell you?

The visual aids and speech progression is strange though. Is she speaking at home, but not speaking at all when she's there?

lizzylou1 Tue 21-May-19 07:26:07

Hey thanks for responding, I actually spoke the SENCO lady that went to visit and observe her. Nursery also was given 2 weeks notice prior visit and I still wasn't told . 2 weeks after they informed me SENCO visited but would hardly give me any info on what the findings were.

Having spoke to SENCO yesterday they said they will forward me and the nursery a report , which she did ( the nursery does not know I also was sent report, as they were going to pass on t on to me) and just as I thought they tampered with the report before sending it to me, removing lack of understanding staff have about DD abs what they actually observed that day on the visit . I am absolutely mortified and not sending her back, I just feel like the setting her up to fail . Thank you so much for taking the time to read ! Xxx

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OhLookHeKickedTheBall Tue 21-May-19 07:35:05

Sorry if I'm misunderstanding here, but does the report suggest that the SENCO observed your DD?

lizzylou1 Tue 21-May-19 07:52:32

Hey , yes they visited her and SENCO have also confirmed they visited her. So it's just the question of what is gong on !?confused

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lizzylou1 Tue 21-May-19 07:53:48

So sorry if not being clear , I'm typing whilst walking to station 😊

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OhLookHeKickedTheBall Tue 21-May-19 09:11:10

Don't worry and thanks for confirming. In your shoes I'd raise a complaint,both with the nursery and the senco as neither of them could have seen your child on that day. If the nursery and senco have both separately confirmed the date as the one where your dd wasn't in, you need to be pointing out that they've clearly observed a different child. That really isn't good enough from the nurseries perspective. I too would question sending dd back there.


Littlefish Fri 24-May-19 21:21:45

In the county where I work, the area inclusion team are there to support and advise the setting, not assess the child. They visit the nursery or childminder, watch how practitioners support the child and then make recommendations as to how to move things forward.

However, they invite the parent to meet with them afterwards to discuss their suggestions.

I think you need to speak to the nursery to find out what the recommendations are, but not necessarily complain about what has happened, unless you are absolutely sure what the SENCO's role and responsibilities actually are.

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