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Lois345 Sun 31-Mar-19 11:22:18

Hi Mums, I am moving from south England to Edinburgh in a few months time as I have been offered a job at the University. I will be moving with my husband and our little boy, who will be 14 months when I start my full time job in Edinburgh. My husband is also working full time, so we are searching high and low for a good nursery. Our problem at the moment is that we still don't know where we will end up living, but my work is in George Square just north of the Meadows, so it makes sense to look for a nursery in that general area. We are going to Edinburgh in a few weeks to look for houses and nurseries and have arranged a visit to a few places: Forbes in Bruntsfield, The Meadows and Arcadia (University nursery) in Kings Buildings c. 3 miles south of George Square. Most places seem to have miles long waiting lists, which really worries me.

So, ladies, please bear with me for this long message. My questions are: what nurseries in the centre can you recommend? Is there any way of finding out which ones doesn't have long waiting lists without calling each nursery individually? Also, Arcadia has offered us a place, but it is somewhat in the wrong end of the city for us. Would you just go with it or try to find somewhere else? Anyone with experience from Arcadia? Thanks so much for your help!

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lostinbooks Wed 17-Apr-19 19:38:28

You might have decided what to do by now but thought I’d rely just in case you’re still figuring it out... I know a few people with children at Arcadia and they are really happy with it. We’re on the waiting list for a part time place but have been told it isn’t likely for at least 2 years! They do tend to have more full time places available so if you’ve been offered a place I would take it while you decide if it’s definitely the right choice. There is a free bus that runs during term time between Kings Buildings and George Square so that may be useful for you. Waiting lists are generally a nightmare and are worst for under 2s as there just aren’t enough places available. Good luck with deciding on a place and good luck with the move!

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