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Nurseries in Wandsworth / Clapham / Balham

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Calbourne Mon 09-Jul-07 10:20:34

Good morning -
does anyone have any nursery recommendations in the Wandsworth / Clapham / Balham area?

TheBlonde Mon 09-Jul-07 10:26:47

Friends have used ecole des benjamins and dolphin (which is in tooting almost)

I walk past Abacus a lot and they seem unable to keep their door shut so I would avoid them!

1dilemma Mon 09-Jul-07 23:52:32

whereabouts? do you want full time while you work or just a few hours a day?

RosaLuxembourg Tue 10-Jul-07 01:17:25

When we lived in London DD1 went [ here] - the Chillerton Road branch.
She loved it - not cheap but she was there for nearly three years and we never had a single problem with it.

RosaLuxembourg Tue 10-Jul-07 01:18:00

Aagh - I meant here of course.

Calbourne Tue 10-Jul-07 08:38:46

Many thanks for the leads. I am hoping to go back to work full time.

1dilemma Tue 10-Jul-07 23:46:45

I guess we can guess whereabouts from the name!!
Dolphin does seem nice but had some trouble with ofsted reports a while back (it is called looking glass now) despite that the parents I know who use it seem happy with it.
Ecole des B does long hours which could be useful I know another one which also does long hours but it's nearer Tooting. The Elm Park nursery also look lovely happy parents huge garden etc.
know several people very happy with Bringing up baby North of Clapham Common.
If your child is over 12 months there are more choices.
Good luck
Have you tried all the local childrens information services to get a list?

Blu Tue 10-Jul-07 23:57:04

Several 'reputable' MN-ers have used and recommended Elm Park

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