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Kathy23418013632 Thu 07-Mar-19 16:01:15

We’ve recently relocated and started at a new nursery. Day 1 our 14 months daughter came back with a diaper rash and day 2 she came back with a black eye. So naturally we were very upset and did not want to continue with current nursery.

We went to visit other nurseries. The one we really liked does not have any space till October. We thought we could either find a nursery in the interim and change again in October or ask the grandparents to help till then.

I’m worried that either she finds it very stressful changing nursery so many times or she’ll find it very difficult to settle back into nursery as she will likely have what she wants with the grandparents and she won’t be attending nursery for about half a year till almost 2.

Does anyone have similar experience or advice would be greatly appreciated. smile

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InDubiousBattle Thu 07-Mar-19 16:07:14

What did the nursery say about the rash and the black eye? She will most likely adapt well, dc are very adaptable.

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