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theflower Wed 06-Mar-19 05:34:17

My cousin who works at a
Nursery witnessed the headmistress slap a child on the face when he was in hysterics crying. She didn’t know my cousin saw and she doesn’t know what to do or say.shock. She’s scared to lose job or not to be believed.

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cliffdiver Wed 06-Mar-19 05:58:31

If this is real, obviously your cousin should say something.

The fact that she is even doubting reporting the incident means she does not take safeguarding seriously and should not be working with children.

theflower Wed 06-Mar-19 06:45:13

Sadly it’s real, and thank you. Something will be done about this.

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TrotEsio Wed 06-Mar-19 06:57:04

As you said headmistress I am assuming this is a school?

It needs to be reported straight away to the designated safeguard lead (DSL). Or, assuming the HM is the DSL to the deputy DSL or safeguarding governor (procedure should be set out in Safeguarding Policy, which should be available on school website.

theflower Wed 06-Mar-19 07:28:30

It’s a nursery. She will send a message to the Governor. She’s nervous at the animosity between them at the nursery but issue needs sorting.
Thank you all x

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itsaboojum Wed 06-Mar-19 07:58:51

This involves a senior person within the organisation, so there is a real risk of closed ranks and cover-ups (especially if it’s one of those schools where the governors are little more than cheerleaders.)

There will be a system in place for reporting such concerns without going through the usual internal channels. Your cousin should already be aware of this this from her existing safeguarding training and the whistle blowing process must be in the school’s safeguarding policy document (a regulatory requirement or they,d be graded 'inadequate' automatically on inspection.)

Local variations exist, but it’s usually a direct call to the local authority safeguarding hub or LA Designated Officer.

You’re right to be wary of possible backlash. She should contact her trade union for support.

insancerre Fri 08-Mar-19 06:50:10

If this happened, then your cousin needs to report it as per her safeguarding training

Littlefish Thu 14-Mar-19 19:56:33

She needs to contact the LADO at the Local Authority.

Thehop Tue 19-Mar-19 23:09:55

Straight to police and OFSTED. If she doesn’t, she’s guilty of not safeguarding that child. It’s assault.

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