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Feeling awkward now.

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Busymumofgirls Wed 13-Feb-19 17:36:30

I work in a nursery and asked my manager a few weeks ago if i could bring my child to work for the day (stating id happily pay the fee's) but was told it wouldn't work because my child had never been to that nursery before and other valid reasons which i kind of guessed it would be a no but was desperate and thought if you don't ask you don't get. I was fine with that answer as knew anyway she (manager) would more than likely say no. Fast forward a few weeks and circumstances have changed and life would be easier if my daughter could go to the nursery i work at, (other employees have their children their but obviously in a different room to the one their based in) my daughter would be in babies and i work in pre-school. Ive asked manager if there is any space for my daughter on the days i work and she has read the message but not replied. I feel so awkward now. If theres no space then thats fine but now i just feel stupid for asking because ive not long asked and she said no so now im stressing thinking oh god, ive annoyed her asking again. Im stressing now that its going to be awkward when i next see her. Im obviously going to ask if she got my message but wish she would of replied now instead of keeping me waiting. Just needed to get it off my chest. Think i need a glass of wine to stop me over thinking... wine

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BackforGood Wed 13-Feb-19 20:57:11

I don't understand why you are stressing confused

I presume she has to check the lists, and work out if there is space or not, or if there is some way she can work it out if there isn't a straightforward space on those days.

Not sure why you sent her a text rather than asking her when you were both at work ?
If other staff have their dc at your Nursery, then why do you think your request would have annoyed her ?

When (how long ago) did you send the request ?

Tumbleweed101 Thu 14-Feb-19 19:32:59

Saying no to a random day is different to a request for a permanent space. I’m sure she’ll get back to you.

insancerre Sat 16-Feb-19 09:44:08

Just ask her face to face
She probably thinks it's really weird that you have sent her a message about something that you could discuss at work

Stephypie Sat 02-Mar-19 15:51:15

Nursery Manager here 🙋‍♀️If I’m being honest there’s nothing more awkward than being asked a question when you’re supposed to be switching off at home, as much as I feel like it some days, I don’t live sleep and breathe nursery and have a family/personal life outside it. I would much rather be asked the question at work where I can check there and then for space. X

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