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2 yr old funding nightmare situation

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xcxcsophiexcxc Fri 08-Feb-19 23:41:35

My son's already enrolled in his nursery but my dilema is that he will be eligible for the 2 yr old funding at the start of the April term.
I'm a single parent who has earnt less than 16k so far this year and last year.
My council have sent be the code to claim his free childcare saying he is eligible but a few days before April I will receive a bonus that will push me over the 16k threshold for the tax year.
Does this matter if I've already been accepted and told I'm eligible ? Or will they rescind the offer?

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insancerre Sat 09-Feb-19 07:16:16

Once you are eligible for 2 year funding then it can’t be taken away

xcxcsophiexcxc Sun 10-Feb-19 15:55:57

Thank you x

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