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Really upset have to change nursery

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wanderlust55555 Wed 06-Feb-19 09:16:33

DD is at a nursery we love. It's great and is so personalised, however, because of this it is a lot more expensive than most other nurseries.
I work three days a week the agreement DH had with his employer was to have one day off during the week so we only had to put DD in twice a week. This now looks like it will no longer work and it's means DD will have to go in three days. I'm gutted we simply can not afford three days at this nursery. It was tight with the two days.
Anyway sorry if I'm rambling I suppose my question is if you had to change nursery how long did it take for your DC to settle? My concern is DD took a good couple of months in the first nursery I hated the settling in period and feel like we are going to have to go through it all over again.

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Tumbleweed101 Thu 14-Feb-19 19:31:00

Check you’re getting any help you’re entitled to for child care costs and have a chat with the nursery, they might have a solution that works for you ie payment plans etc.

biddybid73 Sun 24-Feb-19 07:35:25

How old is your child?

We moved house last year so had to move nursery too. Our DS (2 years) took about a week to settle in properly but loves it as much as his previous nursery (where we was for over a year).

I think children are way more adaptable than we are!

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