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Welliejellie Sat 19-Jan-19 21:07:34

Nursery managers in our area know each other, if they have parents that don't pay and leave with outstanding fees they tell each other. So that they don't end up in the same position.

Smoggle Sun 13-Jan-19 23:16:08

There's no database. Nursery managers often know each other.

Ten12 Fri 11-Jan-19 23:26:21

Yep I haven't told anyone that I was visiting the new nursery so can only imagine it was the former nursery manager who decided to mention it, very unprofessional I would say..

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Dlah Thu 10-Jan-19 20:18:49

I can verify, I've never known in my 15 years in early years of a data base that shows info - especially now with GDPR! Sounds like someone knows you/the other nursery and has let slip in a random conversation

itsaboojum Thu 10-Jan-19 13:01:39

All kinds of reasons why this could have happened.

If anyone (other parents, friends, family, etc) knew your child was at a particular nursery, they could have told someone, who told someone else, and so on. If anyone mentioned it on 'social media' then the information spreads like wildfire from here to Timbuktu.

It’s possible the old nursery contacted other local nurseries to see if any of them were taking you on, so they could pass on transition documents.

It’s not unknown for some childcare providers or schools to share information in an ad hoc manner: usually 'off the record' and usually if there has been a problem such as unacceptable behaviour, unpaid bills, late payments, or other contractual issues. I’m not suggesting these apply in your case: merely pointing out the possibilities of what can happen in some cases.

Ten12 Thu 10-Jan-19 07:38:03

I guess that's the case then. In that case I don't understand why they kind of stopped themselves from saying the name 😄

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lboogy Wed 09-Jan-19 23:32:24

I'd imagine they do. Maybe something like a school database. It would be wise if they did

Ten12 Wed 09-Jan-19 23:29:35

Hi all,
To cut a long story short, I have taken my son out of a nursery in December and looking for another one.

I went to check a new nursery and was surprised they knew where my son was going previously. The nursery manager had a slip of the tongue and she quickly stopped herself and I preferred to not question it there and then.
My question is: how do they know where he was going before? (There are several nurseries in the area so not a guess). Do all nurseries have access to some sort of data even before the parents apply for a place?? I haven't told them for sure.

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