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New house, new nursery - what would you do??

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moominsmummy Thu 28-Jun-07 20:04:44

Just about to move to new house and put DS into a new nursery.

He will start at new nursery in September and since he will be 3 at the beginning of October they think it will be less disruptive for him to go straight into Pre-schoolers rather than spend a month with toddlers before moving up.

Problem is he still has nap during day (toddlers do, pre-schoolers don't) and he is not potty trained (and given that we are about to move it's not the best time to try).

Whilst they will be very accommodating with nappies/naps I don't want him being the youngest in a new nursery and being the odd one out. I though about asking if he can stay in toddlers for a couple of months til it's all sorted. He'll have nearly 2 full years to do the pre-school curriculum anyway.

Am I being over-cautious? What would you do??

purpleturtle Thu 28-Jun-07 20:09:53

I would probably put him straight into the older group to avoid the double change. IME young children have very little concept of being 'the odd one out' - that's something we develop later and as adults impose on our children.

fingerwoman Thu 28-Jun-07 20:14:22

I think that I would go with what the nursery suggest and put him straight into pre-schoolers.
It'll be very disruptive for him to have to change after only a couple of months being there and moving house etc etc.
Plus, by September he may well have dropped the daytime nap anyway. FRom what I've seen of our local nurseries he'll also have way more fun in the pre-school bit

maisemor Wed 04-Jul-07 12:35:05

I don't think they are being completely honest when they say that he will be the only one that has a nap, and he will not be the only one still in nappies at that age.

I would definately put him in the pre-school room. They will have quiet time after lunch, and in my children's nurseries (they have been to 3 so far because of us moving around) half the children fall asleep, even some that are 4 or 5 years old.

Some of the 4 year olds have also just recently stopped using nappies.

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