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To worry to much about my 2 year old

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OnlyFoolsnMothers Sat 02-Feb-19 19:29:35

Just submitted the forms for my 18month old to start 2.5days a wk- I feel sick even thinking about it. Logically I know she needs it, and will thrive but the initial idea of leaving her there and a stranger changing her etc makes me want to cry.

Mumof2boys2018 Sat 02-Feb-19 19:25:22

Wow that sounds tough honestly you just have to try and be the strong one all though my partner took him this week as I was working and because son had a melt down he didn't leave him there, which I would rather as I don't think it's fair but of course when you haven't got a choice it's different isn't it sad

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SSRainbow Tue 29-Jan-19 06:31:18

Hope your LO is getting on ok. I have just started my little boy 11 months old so I can’t return to work, he had his first day last week and cried and sobbed I was beside myself and can’t atop thinking about it. Next week I actually leave him to return to work and it’s ten hour days, I don’t know how I’ll handle it. I am glad I’m not the only one feeling like this.

Mumof2boys2018 Thu 24-Jan-19 22:45:27

He got on okay didn't really play with the other kids but no tears.. so that was the main thing for me really he's had the last couple weeks off as he's been poorly but I'm trying to drill in my own head that he needs to go smile glad I'm not alone in feeling like this

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ReaganSomerset Mon 21-Jan-19 10:17:35

Totally normal. In nature, you wouldn't be leaving him for any significant length of time at this age, so your body rebels against the idea of doing so! FWIW, research has not shown any conclusive harm from attending nursery aged 2. My poor DD will have to go 28 hours a week aged 11 months sad so I know how you feel!

mammy0f0ne Mon 21-Jan-19 10:14:39

Hi! My little boy is having his first two hours at nursery today, he was premature but he's pretty much on par with most two year olds except he doesn't speak yet either🙀 I'm so so so so worried about today even though I probably won't have to leave him straight away! How did your DS get on? X

Mumof2boys2018 Mon 07-Jan-19 20:38:52

My just turned two year old is starting nursery only for a few hours a week... but my anxiety is through the roof!! Is this normal? I feel a bit silly for how worried i am about it all!?
Was anyone else like this?
Panicking about things such as if he cries will they be able to calm him??
He doesn't speak yet so he can't tell them what he wants
He's my baby and no one ever watches him other than close family who know him so it's a massive step for me to take and trust other people with my pride and joy
Just curious if others felt any worry like this?? smile

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