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Nursery clothes

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Itssosunnyout Sat 05-Jan-19 13:27:50

My DC will be attending a forest school nursery so will be outdoors a lot.

What clothes should I get for her. I have looked at waterproofs wellies and layers.

How many clothes do you send a child with and how many nappies.

DC will be starting in Sept/Oct depending on space and will be 1.

I want to start buying now in the sales and will be sewing in DC name in preparation whilst DC has all the links naps now

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sleepismysuperpower1 Sat 05-Jan-19 13:38:31

i would ask the nursery how many changes of clothes to provide/ how many nappies etc.

as for the outdoor clothes:


i always liked putting my girls (and still do) in puddle suits with their regular clothes (jumper, t-shirt, bottoms etc) underneath

waterproof gloves

i hope this helped a bit x

Itssosunnyout Sat 05-Jan-19 13:40:23

Thanks that's really helpful.

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Lunde Mon 07-Jan-19 11:42:35

My kids attended a nursery in Sweden run on Forest school principles - I found that shower proof clothes were not always enough because the water would seep through after hours outside.

I always had a totally waterproof rainsuit like these - + waterproof gloves (in spring/autumn they used to wear the dungarees over clothes if it was wet)

I also had skiiwear - a snowsuit or jacket/trousers for when it was very cold - it kept them dry and warm (check that it keeps water out)

Wellies for really wet days and good boots (I used to get walking boot style gore tex style). Good socks and possibly hiking socks for very cold days

woolly hat - I also had neck warmers (like the top of a fleece) but less likely to get tangled than scarves - like these Swedish ones

Think layers of clothing - long sleeved t-shirt, jumper and/or fleece. Thermals for very cold days

In Sweden we were advised to rub the kids faces with an oil cream on very cold days when they were out all day (not moisturizers as the water can freeze). I used this one

moreismore Mon 07-Jan-19 11:44:00

I can recommend the jojo maman fleece lined waterproofs, absolutely brilliant

moreismore Mon 07-Jan-19 11:44:54

Also got a ski jacket from Sainsbury’s before Christmas which has washed well and remained totally waterproof

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