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Nursery gifts

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Kion Tue 18-Dec-18 16:12:10

Hi, my nearly 2 yo dd is in nursery and I'm wondering about a suitable gift for the staff, is this the done thing, does anyone know?

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Whyislarryhappy Tue 18-Dec-18 16:24:58

When I worked in a nursery. A lot of gifts were a box of chocs, biscuits, fruit hampers and one parent bought in a case of wine confused usually there was so much and they were to share, the manager and afmin would collect them all up for the staff, then raffled to every staff member. Any extra boxes of goodies were put out in the staffrooms and offices every 2 weeks after xmas!

coffeeforone Thu 20-Dec-18 01:13:29

I bought each of the staff in DS's room a nice hand cream and chocolates, and a bottle of wine for the chef. Not sure what other parents did.

WanderingTrolley1 Thu 20-Dec-18 01:17:07

Costa vouchers

Kion Thu 20-Dec-18 21:34:42

Thanks all. I ended up getting a nice box of chocolates for them all to share and I wrote a wee thank you card / Christmas card also from my DD.x

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