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Christmas presents for nursery teachers?

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sleepdeprived17 Wed 05-Dec-18 12:36:32

Dd 18 months is full time at nursery. I know some people give presents to teachers at school age but it didnt cross my mind until dp asked me what we are getting the nursery staff for christmas. Is it the done thing to get nursery teachers gifts. Dd has a key worker but also spends a lot of time with other staff so do i buy for all or just key worker. I was thinking box of chocolates/box of doughnuts and a hand made card of dd, does this seem acceptable?
Dd is pfb and my nieces and nephews dont attend nursery so I'm not sure of etiquette. Thanks in advance!

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DinoGreen Wed 05-Dec-18 12:49:26

I have always got nursery staff a gift when DS has moved rooms and at Christmas/Easter. From what I can see I think most do get something but nothing major. Either a shared gift (chocolates, biscuits etc) or small individual gifts. Last Christmas I got the staff in his room a £5 Costa voucher and a small Lindt reindeer each (there’s 4 regular staff in his room).

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