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Large fee increase and unhelpful staff

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cambsmumfrom2016 Mon 03-Dec-18 22:51:33

Hi all,

My husband and I made the decision to change nurseries when we found the one near our home offered us full time from January. Handed in notice at previous nursery. New nursery advised there will be a SLIGHT increase of price from January but advised this would take current fee's into consideration and it would not be hugely increased.

I began having reservations about New nursery when the phone calls to management felt as though they couldn't get me off the phone fast enough and felt very abrupt...emails do not even get a hello or regards just a sentence with information that is it. Also it looks like they haven't been inspected in 5 years, and instead have got a new registration last month which means it could be another 30 months before an inspection is done!

Then on Saturday we received the new fee's is a increase from £917 to £1260! This to me is a significant increase and has put nursery out of our price range. I tried to call today and got a harassed sounding worker that stated that there is an emergency meeting currently going on. I asked for a call back to discuss fee's and my concerns...I heard nothing all day.

I got a friend to call up asking about childcare availability and they told her 'management are currently in a meeting so we cannot put you through, there isn't any availability at this time however it looks like there will be some spaces from January as some parents are now not going to take up their spaces.

I'm concerned as his current nursery have filled our slots. Any thoughts about if I'm over reacting to this?

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thanksamillion Mon 03-Dec-18 22:58:05

It sounds like they've been taken over by a new owner hence the new registration with Ofsted. It doesn't sound great though!

itsaboojum Wed 05-Dec-18 19:22:09

As a raw figure, £1260 looks like a lot of money. How much does that work out at per hour? Does it include meals?

Leaving aside the beurocracy of Ofsted, what is e care like? What do other parents say: are they happy or do they register frequent complaints with th3 nursery?

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