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spacefighter Mon 26-Nov-18 19:11:11

Hi I have to adjust my DD's hours at nursery does anyone know if she will have to have breakfast there because she will be there from 7.30 but I give her breakfast before. She won't need to have breakfast there but don't know if school will say she will because she is starting early.

Many thanks.

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Littlefish Mon 26-Nov-18 19:16:55

The only ones who can answer this question are the nursery themselves. Every nursery is different.

nogooddeedgoesunpunished Mon 26-Nov-18 19:35:45

If she's anything like my DS she'll end up having 2 breakfasts. They tend to copy their friends and don't like to be left out!

Switcherpoo Mon 26-Nov-18 19:49:26

My DS was in nursery from 12months. Always had breakfast at home and then a 7.30 start. Always had breakfast with them at 8am, snack at 9.30, lunch at 11.30 and so on. He's 7 now and still complains about missing out on 2nd breakfast now he's at school. grin

Lazypuppy Mon 26-Nov-18 22:16:14

You're paying for her to have breqkfast so don't give her breakfast at home.

Thats what i do anyway, i drop her off at 7:30 and they have breakfast at 8:30

IVEgottheJINGLEBELLS Mon 26-Nov-18 22:23:06

My 2 year old would not wait til 830 for breakfast!

Lazypuppy Mon 26-Nov-18 22:53:18

My daughter gets woken at 7am and in nursery at 7:30. If she had her way she wouldn't wake up till 9.

She never wants food as soon as she wakes up so works well

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