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Someoneelsee Thu 01-Nov-18 09:55:34

My daughter started nursery this September just passed and as I was employed she got 15 funded hours (she's 2). I'm now no longer employed and was informed at my universal credit meeting last week that her nursery would no longer be funded. The next day I received an invoice from the nursery for NOVEMBER, as I usually do, with the amount to pay being £0, as it usually is.
Does this mean the nursery was paid before the funding was cancelled? Or is there a way the nursery are being paid because they're still claiming it and it's down to me to inform them to stop claiming so I can pay? I don't know how it works

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Someoneelsee Thu 01-Nov-18 09:57:53

Or do I have to contact someone to tell them to stop paying the nursery?

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JollyAndBright Thu 01-Nov-18 10:01:49

I believe you need to inform the nursery so that they can invoice you,
they will have sent the invoice on the assumption that they will still revive the funding payment as usual.
since that will not be sent to them they will eventually follow it up and come to you for an immediate payment, it’ll be better if you tell them now and make arrangements to pay it.

JollyAndBright Thu 01-Nov-18 10:05:05

To answer your other questions, it’s all an automated system so from the date your entitlement ended the payments will have been backdated and stopped,
the nursery will be paid up to the date your entitlement ended but no more, but they won’t know that until they don’t get paid I don’t think.

Looneytune253 Thu 01-Nov-18 10:56:20

I’m not clear what’s going on as the 2y funding is usually solely for unemployed or low income families? Usually terms are fully paid and you still qualify even if you change circumstances during the term it doesn’t get taken away but from what you describe you would be still entitled now anyway???

Looneytune253 Thu 01-Nov-18 10:58:45

@JollyAndBright that’s not how funding works at all. It’s paid in full terms (entitlement wise) and even if you lose entitlement part way through u usually get to use the rest of the term. If for some reason op needed to stop using the funding straight away the setting can usually still keep hold of some of the funding for a notice period (length of notice would be dependent on local authority)

Someoneelsee Thu 01-Nov-18 12:55:52

It's for low income. So I did have a job but wasn't earning over a certain amount, therefore was entitled to it. I claimed the free hours for my 2yo whilst on maternity leave with my 6 month old. My maternity came to an end and I didn't go back to work, therefore I was no longer entitled to the funding.
I think they see it as, I don't have a job so why would I need childcare. I think we will be eligible for funding again when 2yo is 3 though.
I've spoken to the nursery and you're right, her nursery fees will still be paid for the rest of the term, they do it on a term basis so have sorted it until the beginning of the next term. Il pay as of a January.
Majorly bitten me in the arse going for the nicest, most expensive nursery nowconfused

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Looneytune253 Thu 01-Nov-18 17:22:39

@Someoneelsee but it’s a household income of less than about £16k so by being unemployed you would still fit in that category.

JollyAndBright Thu 01-Nov-18 22:25:25

Sorry, I was of the belief that the funding was paid on a term by term basis but as soon as entitlement ended it would stop being paid from that date, so only a partial payment would be made for that term.

I don’t have personal experience as I’ve never claimed it myself, I only know what people have told me and what I have read on here, sorry for the poor advice.

BronteGirl Fri 02-Nov-18 12:44:23

Hello OP. I'm an LA Funding Officer so hopefully I can help. If I understand you correctly you were eligible for the two year old funding entitlement but your circumstances have now changed. Your entitlement doesn't stop - the Statutory Guidance that we follow is clear: Local authorities must ensure that two-year-olds who have met the eligibility criteria continue to receive a place once they have taken it up until the point when the child becomes eligible for the universal entitlement (the child remains eligible even where the child or parent ceases to meet these criteria at a later date).

Someoneelsee Fri 02-Nov-18 15:39:46

I thought I'd read somewhere that once they've got it, it doesn't stop. But why would I have been told at my universal credit meeting that it does? I can't seem to find a number of someone to talk to about it

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Someoneelsee Sat 03-Nov-18 13:31:36

I knew I'd read this somewhere

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Looneytune253 Sun 04-Nov-18 19:42:48

@Someoneelsee that was how I understood it too so I think that’s correct. You should have it until your lo moves onto 3 y funding!! But I reckon you’re still eligible anyway tbh

Someoneelsee Sun 04-Nov-18 20:55:58

Just can't understand why I was told otherwise
I assume the woman at the universal credit meeting said "we won't pay for that anymore" because she knows I wouldn't be eligible to apply now (I know I wouldn't, I tried on an online application thing), and doesn't know the ins and outs of when you've already been accepted.
And I assume the nursery manager doesn't know WHY I said to her "we're no longer eligible" so she would go along with it and say it'll be next term you pay..
So all good.
Thanks everyone

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