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Sending toddler to nursery one half day a week?

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Chocolateismyvice Thu 11-Oct-18 17:35:29

My little boy is 19mo. I work 3 days a week, and are very lucky with childcare as my mum has him 2 days a week and then I also do a weekend shift so is with his dad. I'm thinking of sending him to nursery for one half day a week as I feel it would be beneficial for him.

I've found a lovely nursery nearby that can accommodate 1 morning a week and would be affordable.

I do take him to a parent and toddler group and swimming lessons, both once a week, but I sometimes feel like he needs something more. He's a busy and inquisitive toddler, and I think that one morning a week could help him 'let off steam' so to speak.

One big factor for me to consider this, is that we currently don't have many children around us. He doesn't have any cousins and of the two friends that have children his age, 1 we can only see about once a month and the other we can't see very often due to schedule (my work shift clash the days her son goes to his dad's as they have 50/50 care).

I think a lot of this stems from a place of guilt at the moment. I'm pregnant and in the first trimester. I'm struggling a LOT with tiredness so am spending a lot of time on the sofa while DS entertains himself. Not necessarily a bad thing but we usually go to the park, library, soft play, run errands, etc. We've lost a lot of structure at the moment because I can barely function with being so tired.

I just feel the nursery could offer a morning (8-1) of lots of play, craft, outdoor play, music, etc. We can't really afford a full day or more than one morning as we're saving up for maternity leave and intend to be off for at least a year this time around (last baby).

I'm just in two minds right now. He's starting a play group next year (drop off session) for two mornings a week when he's 2 but that's not for at least another 5 months.

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welshweasel Thu 11-Oct-18 17:36:22

I wouldn’t. In my experience, children who only go to a setting once a week don’t tend to settle well.

PandaG Thu 11-Oct-18 17:40:19

Afraid I agree, in my experience (15 years as a childminder then deputy manager of a preschool)1 session a week really is not worth it. It is such a long time from one week until the next for a tiny to remember and settle. I would wait until he is 2, and do two half days at least.

user1492951343 Thu 11-Oct-18 17:52:07

I’m a childminder and would agree with the others, one half day a week will not be enough so I’d also suggest waiting until he is 2

Goldenbug Thu 11-Oct-18 19:36:47

Lots of nurseries refuse to take children for just a half day. Not long enough to really settle in.

OUATIA Thu 11-Oct-18 19:42:41

Afraid I am going to agree. My older DS had a split between 2 nurseries at one point because of my job. The one he was in for only one day a week, he never really settled in about 18 months. It was horrid.

Would you be able to send him 2 mornings and your mum just have him for one? He is already settled with her, so dropping to one shouldn't be a problem. If you explain it is nothing to do with her,?

Chocolateismyvice Thu 11-Oct-18 19:53:56

Okay thanks for your thoughts everyone. It was just an idea, like I said, stemming from guilt that I'm not able to do a lot with him right now. The nursery I found are very flexible and one morning a week would have been accommodated without a problem. Unfortunately, our budget doesn't currently stretch as we are saving for maternity leave and another house. Next year will be better as he'll be in a play group setting two mornings a week, plus we'll have more opportunity for toddler groups when I'm off, so I guess we'll just muddle through until them. I just have a huge sense of guilt at the moment that this pregnancy has wiped me out, was just hoping a nursery setting could have made up for activities/stimulation in the meantime.

But thanks for the input, I appreciate it smile

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Chocolateismyvice Thu 11-Oct-18 19:54:47

Meant to say doesn't currently stretch to more than one day a week

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Goldenbug Thu 11-Oct-18 22:23:55

You could give it a go, but it's also the worst age for settling in. What are they like when left in other situations?

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