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Is this normal for a nursery…

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TimesNewRoman Thu 04-Oct-18 12:29:15

I think our nursery staff have been brilliant. They have been instrumental in my DCs toilet training, are very supportive and encouraging to DC and also supportive and helpful to me (parenting a toddler does not come easy to me!)
Key Worker in particular I think is some kind of childcare angel sent from heaven.

I feel like I should give specific feedback to management if they are going the extra mile.
Do people do this? I don’t want to seem like an idiot if this is just part of the job for them.

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PaulHollywoodsSexGut Thu 04-Oct-18 12:35:04


I am a big fan of psotive feedback; always! Keeps staff motivated, standards high and makes management and staff happy x

Foodylicious Thu 04-Oct-18 12:37:25

Yes do it!
An individual card for key worker and a separate feedback email to manager

YeTalkShiteHen Thu 04-Oct-18 12:39:01

I’ve done it, I wrote to the council early years education department and listed all the wonderful ways the nursery has benefitted our kids.

I’ve had to complain before (not about the nursery) about DS1s school, and I figure fair’s fair. If I’m prepared to make a complaint, I should also be prepared to say when something really positive is being done.

jannier Thu 04-Oct-18 13:35:11

Definitely parents views are important for maintaining quality moral and Ofsted.

insancerre Fri 05-Oct-18 17:08:03

Yes, please email the nursery manager or head office
Parents are quick to complain so it's nice to get some positive feedback

Welliejellie Sat 06-Oct-18 10:42:32

Omg definitely yes! Over the years I have had many presents , cards etc but the most satisfying is when a parent emails or tells the management how please they have been with my care.

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