Nursery calling to collect son with "sickness" - but he isn't

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roses2 Wed 03-Oct-18 11:36:02

My son goes to nursery every day 9am - 4pm.

Four times this year they have called me to collect him around lunchtime as he is "unwell". 3x with fever. 1x (yesterday) with rash (they have 2 cases of hand foot and mouth doing the rounds this week).

I have an au pair who does the drop off / collection / collects when sick and I pay her overtime when my son is sick.

3x this year they have called as they have advised he has a fever. However when the au pair has collected him and when I see him after work, he is happy, laughing, eating etc with no sign of fever so I've sent him back the next day.

Yesterday they called me as they said he had a rash & blister in his mouth. He came home, was laughing, playing, no sign of a rash and no fever.

I called the doctor who had an appointment for the next day (ie today) but as he was fine, I sent him back to nursery today and cancelled the doctors appointment. They weren't happy that I sent him back this morning as they thought he was coming down with hand, foot and mouth and they wanted me to take him to a doctor to confirm. But since he showed no signs of anything (I couldn't see any rash or blister) there wasn't really anything for me to show the doctor and I hate wasting my time and the time of a doctor to prove he is not sick confused.

I'm really struggling on how to approach this with the nursery. I understand if a child is sick then they have to be sent home but in every case this year my son has showed no signs of sickness during the 4 times they have sent him home early. It is disruptive to him, me and my au pair (who comes home early from English class to collect him) plus I incur the cost of paying them and overtime to my au pair.

Does anyone have any advice of how I can address this??

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jannier Wed 03-Oct-18 21:02:22

When they call do they say how hot he is? Could it be a broken thermometer? Id get the au pair to take one in and take the temperature in front of them and to see the rash if nothing is visible he can stay if she could see something too he would have to go home and await developments.
I have had parents who didn't believe me as they didn't make allowances for cooling off on way home outside, gave Calpol so were amazed child was then fit and playing (masking condition which they didn't seem to understand) or thought a child is fine after vomiting because they wanted food and were playing (forgetting between times you can feel better and vomit can be once but is still contagious through saliva and breath etc.) but you know if these don't apply so I would have a chat and get more details or look elsewhere.

roses2 Thu 04-Oct-18 08:58:50

Thanks, taking in a thermometer to check his temperature when he's collected (or asking them to check again when my au pair arrives) sounds like an option. I'm worried it might be a bit passive aggressive but I also want to make a point that I'm happy to collect but only if he is genuinely not well (which he hasn't been on the 4 occasions to date this year).

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Jackshouse Mon 08-Oct-18 19:28:06

When my daughter has been cranky or unwell nursery have always checked her temperature and recorded it. They have been taken it again after I have said I was on my way to collect her as they were concerned it had risen. I would expect them to tell you his actual temperature rather than he has a fever.

Obviously if she has been just a bit cranky they don’t ring but give extra cuddles, suggest a nap etc.

Josieannathe2nd Mon 08-Oct-18 19:30:55

Off topic but it’s made me think an au pair might be worth it just to be able to collect sick children... the amount of days I’ve missed work this year for children who aren’t well enough for school but cope fine with a duvet day is crazy. One to consider for the future...

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